Portland shave shop

We hope you are staying at home, and are safe and healthy. Our first priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers and community.

We have rigorously been following the CDC guidelines, strict hygiene protocols, and social distancing. Hair Conditioner: Good to the Earth.

This conditioner bar is fully biodegradable and crafted with sustainable natural ingredients of the highest quality.

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And every purchase helps keep plastic out of the ocean! AND It melts into your hair, turns super-creamy, and smells delicious of cassia and chai tea.

What a treat! How to Use: After shampooing and rinsing your hair, wring it, and rub the conditioning bar from mid-shaft to the ends of the hair. It will turn creamy. Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers to distribute it evenly.

Let sit for minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Babassu oil: moisturizing, conditioning, high in vitamin E, melts easily and penetrates hair quickly delivering key nutrients. Hydrolized Oat and Lemon Shine Proteins: detangle, seal in moisture, repair hair, silkening and softening. Panthenol: improves elasticity and moisture retention, flexibility and strength.

Plant-based silcones yes, they are the natural version of dimethicone and cyclomethicone found in most commercial conditioners which coat your hair shafts, and leave it silky without weighing it down. This serum for dry or mature skin is formulated with a powerhouse of anti-oxidant and anti-aging oils, rich in essential fatty acids, including the naturally occuring form of Vitamin A retinoic acid. Cherry blossom extract is a wonder-flower concentrate for healthy, gracefully aging skin.

portland shave shop

You only need ONE drop for each cheek, and one drop for your forehead and neck. Apply in the evening, then follow with your moisturizer.

Ingredients : Rosehip Seed Oil, cherry-blossom extract, organic raspberry CO2 extract, vitamin E, essential oils of sweet orange, ylang-ylang, chamomile, geranium, myrrh and frankincense.

Suitable for : normal, dry, mature, sensitive or devitalized skin. Moisturizing and balancing. Ingredients: rose hydrosol, glycerin, chamomile essential oil, natural preservative. Blend until a smooth paste is achieved. If too thick, add more toner, if too thin, add more clay.

Rinse off well with warm water rose clay can be messy and stainand follow with moisturizer.Blind Pig Barber Company provides all the grooming services you need to make you look like the handsome devil we know you are.

Now stop reading and book your appointment. We are proud to announce the formalization of our training program for incoming employees. Our Grooming Academy provides training on how to properly execute our services with excellence. And since our training team will be working directly with each hand selected new team member, the results are guaranteed.

Personal consultation, rejuvenating head massage, deep cleansing shampoo, hot towel neck shave, haircut and style. Haircut without the hot towel neck shave for those young men under A color service for men designed to blend grey hair giving a younger, more natural look in no time. An extremely relaxing service including cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing and hydrating your face.

portland shave shop

Our experienced stylists will groom your nails to a clean and professional look as well as smooth and soften your hands with a relaxing hand massage. The perfect experience a groom deserves before their big day. Look your best by being pampered by our staff! Please contact Justin at justin. Purchase Gift Certificates Here. Interested in a discounted service? Click Here To Learn More.

Hot Lather Beard Trim. Hot Lather Head Shave.Additional charge is dependant on amount of product used.

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Call for Appointment We are committed to providing each of our customers with the best haircut, straight razor shave, or color. As well as the highest customer care and satisfaction.

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All one length clipper cut, comes with a hot towel and straight razor neck shave. An in person, free hair color assessment for a chemical service. Applied to the entire head. Color or lightener applied in foils to the entire head. Hair shampoo and blow dry to create a style. Can also be the application of a flat iron or curling iron.

Kenzy cut my hair. She did a great job of listening to how I like my hair cut and offered suggestions along the way. The end result was probably the best haircut I have ever had and that is not an exaggeration. Great skin fade and her hard part was meticulous yet subtle - I was very pleased Kenzy is superb. Her attention to detail is awesome, super positive, super professional, and every single time I leave with an awesome cut Over 15 years of experience in precision haircuts, color and beard styling.

Email: e-mail kenzy. Working behind the chair with 9 years of experience, Arlene strives to continue evolving each day with like minded, passionate barbers. Email: e-mail arlene. For the last 7 years Fay has been working to perfect her craft.

With in-depth consultations and meticulous detail, she aims to create a warm welcoming experience and excellent service. Email: e-mail fay.First and foremost he considers himself a father of 3 and a husband. After going to. He then.

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He started cutting hair in high school for his friends and he revisited that passion. He has studied as a. Cosmetologist as well as a Barber so there is no limit to his cutting. Whether it is.

Charming, affable, humble, coupled with a great personality, Dave is a prime.

portland shave shop

Overcoming trials and tribulations he has become a. Hardworking and steadfast, a gritty. Chris has had a passion for hair from a young age. Starting in high school and. After college Chris. Starting a family recently Chris reevaluated his life and decided to do what he.

He has dedicated himself principally to his family, then to his craft. Home About Reviews Contact Us. Book an Appointment. Get in Touch. Welcome to Americana Shave Company. For some, their hair can simply be a nuisance that they need to maintain and clean up.

But we feel that hair can be far more than that. Hair can shape the way that others see you, and you see yourself.


A new hairstyle can come across as bold, exciting, innovative. It can make people feel confident or strong. Established inwe made a commitment to not only giving the best haircuts, beard trims, hot lather hot towel shaves but also the best quality experience you can have.

Beard Trim and Beard Shaping are one of our specialties. Also Hot Lather Head Shaves!!! Our Shear work is some of the best in the City.If you're in the market for bespoke suits and accessories in Portland, you'll find none better. We will teach stropping or lather-buikding to anyone that asks, but did you know we offer more in-depth classes?

They showed not only the "how," but also the "what to look for" to make sure we are doing it correctly. Thank you for having us, Central City Concern! We had so much fun at Dapper Day last week and we are so appreciative of the amazing work you do in our community! It was a day to celebrate clients like Norm pictured here, before and after his haircuthave a wonderful brunch, and pamper them with an assortment of spa treatments.

We also made sure to provide clean clothes and hygiene products before the day ended. Thanks so much to the fine folks of Portland Shave Shop, who donated shaves and haircuts, as well as everyone who donated items to make Dapper Day a success! Virtuosity: doing the common, uncommonly well.

Styled with bonafidepomade brand new matte clay pomade. Book with et. Intent and attention to every detail. Executive straightrazor shaves all day today with et. Love and trust aren't won through grand gestures alone. Show up. Do good work. Be excellent to each other. Above all, be consistent. People notice, and the next generation is watching.

Nigel's channel is gorgeous, check it out! Today is your last chance to give Grandma the clean cut she's been waiting for since your Nirvana phase! Openings today with oldscoolnewblood available online. Barber Eric sneaking in a straight razor shave between appointments.

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We still have a few openings today, go online to book! Who's ready for some quality nap time? Book yours before we close for the holiday! Some things are best done the old way. Have you ever had a professional straightrazor shave?

Book your appointment online today and experience the difference for yourself.

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Take care of your tools, and they'll take care of you!Portland's Premier Barbershop and Shave Parlor. We offer Men's haircuts, Straight razor shaves, beard and mustache trim and a fresh cocktail while you wait. It's all because we are dedicated to perfecting the craft of the cut, while building a strong Portland Community.

Our Barbers are skilled in both traditional and modern men's haircuts, straight razor shaves, beard and mustache trims with a simple goal of helping men reach their full potential by providing the highest quality service and experience. Book Appointment.

Personal consultation with precision haircut. Just as important and professional as a haircut with a discounted price to honor our elders. One clipper guard all over with hot lather neck shave and aftershave to finish. A close professional shave with a hot towel to give you a smooth result you're going to like. Using a straight razor blade with professional technique it gets your beard looking sharp and precise.

Pairs great with a beardtrim includes a hot towel treatment. Detailed edging and grooming to keep your facial hair in professional shape. Select Barbers.Old-school barbering is in full effect in Portland, and just like our food scene, our barbershops have created a movement that is spreading across the nation. Some of the shops on this list are old-school because they've literally been around for decades, while others are new shops that are dedicated to the old-school philosophy.

A great barber ups your game without pushing some flowery shampoo on you. Your slick haircut will definitely come with a huge dose of banter, possibly a shot of whiskey, and perhaps even the discovery that a Blazers player sat in the same barber chair the day before. These are the best old-school barbershops in Portland.

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Kerns Owner Brian Porteous is a walking history book when it comes to the art of barbering in Portland, and with 13 years experience, he's got lots of cool gadgets, from barber chairs to mechanic-style compressor air hoses to blow away every last bit of clipped hair from your neck. Porteous does what he calls the "meat and potatoes cuts," which are all of the classics. They all end with a warm towel and neck shave, and complimentary beer and a Timbers shrine complete the atmosphere.

J, and it was all started by Geneva and Paul Knauls over 24 years ago. The first black female barber in Oregon, Geneva also ran the famous Cotton Club, another historic Portland institution where the likes of Etta James performed.

The barbershop is separate from the salon, and you can get any kind of cut there. Buckman Bart's may be the oldest perpetually run barbershop in the city, starting all the way back in Bart took over inand the shop's most experienced barber, Drew Westergren, has 19 years under his belt.

Pro tip: if you want to get in day-of, call before am. Downtown One of the few old-school barbers downtown, Y-Chrome runs a smooth ship and exclusively offers cuts and shaves, with your choice of Widmer brew.

Don't expect to wait, but if you do, you'll find pool and darts upstairs. For those living or working downtown, this is your place. NW 21st Along with Bart's, this shop also makes a case for being the oldest shop in the city, with roots reportedly dating back to Six classically trained barbers whip out a variety of cuts, from kids cuts to beard trims. Vintage barbershop signs, Art Deco cabinets, and original cosmetic bottles from the s fill out the space. This shop hooks up sharp cuts and heavy music, and owner Josh Poole prides himself on serving the workingman, from veterans to the neighborhood crew.

These guys know the pompadour like the back of their hands, and they end each cut with a warm towel, a neck shave, and the best-smelling aftershave on Earth Clubman.

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